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Electronic Journals for Religion

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Directories of Religious Journals

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Non-Christian or Multi-Faith Journals
American Atheist Magazine, Contact: webmaster(at) (1-2-01)
Australian Religion Studies Review,     
Bible Review,
Biblical Archaeology Review,
BuddhaZine,   Contact:   v.pannyararo(at)
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies,   (1995-)
<>Hinduism Today Magazine, Contact: webmaster(at)
Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion,     
The Islamic Digest,
Jewish Network,  
Journal of Buddhist Ethics (1994-)    
Journal of Global Buddhism,  
Journal of Hebrews Scriptures (1996-) or PDF articles requiring Adobe Acobat to view.   Contact: snoegel(at)  (09-11-01)
Journal of Religion and Popular Culture,  
Journal for the Study of Religions & Ideologies,      
Muslim Assocation Newsletter,
The Muslim News (UK)
Revue de l'histoire des Religions,      
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review,     
Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal,   (09-11-01)
World Council of Churches,  
World Faith News,

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Religious Studies Journals
Heidelberg Journals of Religion,   
Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies, (09-11-01)
Implicit Religion,      
Internet Journal of Religion,      
Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory,         
Journal of Feminist Studies,     
The Journal of Religion
Journal of Religion and Film,    rburke(at)  (09-11-01)
Journal of Religion and Society, or   Contact: JRS(at) (11-11-01)
The Journal of Southern Religion,  Contact: bkt9(at) (09-11-01)
Marburg Journal of Religion (multi-faith), Contact: Pye(at)Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture: Publications,   
Review of Religious Research,      
Truth: An International, Inter-Disciplinary Journal of Christian Thought,

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Christian Journals
The Alternative, (1995-)   Available in HTML and PDF file formats.  Contact: alternative(at)
Asociación de Biblistas Mexicanos,       
Bible Believers' newsletter,
Biblical Studies on the Web Journal,
Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 
The Burning Bush,        
Catholic Voice,    Contact: ed(at)
Christian Courier,
Christian Crusaders Monthly,  Contact:  ctipton(at)
Christian History,
Christian Journal,
Christian Scholars Review (abstracts only)
The Christian Science Monitor,
Christianity Today,
CK Spiritual,
CrossCurrents Online,
Discipleship Journal,
Does God Exist?
The Dinkum,    Magazine, made by every day Aussies. Definitely original and fun.   Contact:   andrew(at)
The ECOLE Initiative,
Emmaus Journal,
Far Above Rubies Magazine,   NEW!!!!
Filología Neotestamentaria,
First Things,
FOCUS on the World Online Magazine,
The Foundation for Biblical Studies,
Freedom Magazine,   Contact:  lindae(at) (2-24-03)
Gospel Advocate On-line, Contact: Service(at)
Gospel Gazette,
Grace Centered Magazine,   Contact: lee(at)          
Heartlight, Contact: phil(at)
The Heythrop Journal (Quarterly Journal of Philosophy and Theology)
Homiletics Online,
Integrity,   Contact: cmcclane(at)
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts,
Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism,
Journal for Christian Theological Research, (09-11-01)
Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament,
Lectio Difficilior,
The Mennonite Quarterly Review, Contact: mqr(at)
Missions Strategy Bulletin,
Online Archaeology,
Online Bible Study,
Preaching magazine,
Reformation and Revival,
Religion and the Arts,
Restoration Quarterly,
Sojourners Online, Contact: sojourners(at)
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, (09-11-01)
Voithia (Greek Orthodox),
WWW Biblical Theology Index,
YouthWorker Journal,

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Theology Journals
American Journal of Biblical Theology,
Antithesis - A Review of Reformed/Presbyterian Thought and Practice, (1990-1991)
Biblical Theology Bulletin,  Contact:btb(at)
Biblical Studies on the Web,  links to journals
Contra Mundum: A Reformed Cultural Review, (1991-)
Ioudaios Review, Contact: dsuter(at)
Journal for Christian Theological Research, Contact: CTRF(at)
The Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament Contact:
Journal of Applied Missiology,
Journal of Higher Criticism, Contact: ddoughty(at)
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society,
The Journal of Theological Studies (Table of Contents Only) Contact:
The Living Pulpit,
The Masters Seminary Journal,
McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry, Contact: mjtm(at)
Newsletter for Targunmic and Cognate Studies, (1996-) Contact: targuman(at)
On-line Partial Edition of Biblica, Contact: boily(at)
Progressive Calvinism, (1955-1960)
Religion & Theology,
Semper Reformanda: A Journal for Lutheran Reformation, Contact: jglange(at)
Scottish Journal of Theology, Contact: i.r.torrance(at)
Sojourners Online,
The Stone-Campbell Journal, Contact: editor(at)
Theological Gathering, Contact: talarm(at)
Theology Today,
Truth: An International, Inter-Disciplinary Journal of Christian Thought, (1985-)
Union Seminary Quarterly Review,
Wesleyan Theological Journal,
Early Church Fathers,

Directories of Religious Journals
Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries Union List of Periodicals,     
Free Theological Journals on the Web,  
Isreal Union List of Serials (ULS)
Okeanos: Website for Biblical, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Journals,       
Religious Studies Journals Listed in Publist,  
Relgious Studies Web Guide,  Contact:  lipton(at)  

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If you find a dead link below, highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at  and then paste the URL into the web address box to find original versions of the site.

ANU Muslim Assocation Newsletter,   Contact:  a.javed(at)
The Call of Islam Magazine (Nida'ul), Contact: nida(at)
The Electronic Bodhidharma,
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies,  (1995-) Contact: ejvs-list(at)
Jerusalem Christian Review,
Journal of Buddhist Ethics (1994-) Contact: dpm5h(at) (09-11-01)
Journal of Global Buddhism, (09-11-01)
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures,
Pagan Dawn: Journal of the Pagan Federation, Contact: PaganDawn(at) (1-2-01)
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (index)
The North Star: A Journal of African-American Religious History, (1997-) 
Religious Studies News (downloadable in PDF format)
The Burning Bush,
Heidelberg Journals of Religion,


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