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Academic Psychiatry,  (1998-) Contact: ap-feedback(at)  Contains abstracts of all articles from 1998 on. To get the fulltext, though, you must subscribe for a fee.  (07-28-00)
Acheronta: Revista de Psicoanálisis y Cultura,  (1995-)  Contact:  not available;
Peer reviewed. Mostly in Spanish but there are articles in several other languages including English, requires free subscription.(07-21-00)
Alcohol Alerts,   (1996-) Contact: niaaaweb-r(at)  A quarterly bulletin that disseminates important research findings on a single aspect of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, from the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health. (07-21-00)
APA Monitor Online,  Contact:  webmaster(at)  An online news and issues magazine published by the American Psychological Association. Full text of all articles from the current issue only is available free of charge. (07-21-00)
Archives of General Psychiatry,  (1998-) Contact: ama_support(at)  Free access to full text articles for the 1998-2000 issues is available online. You can get to the full text by either browsing through the archives, or using their search engine. (07-29-00)
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies,  (1997-)  Contact:  Trauma.Webmaster(at)   Published by the School of Psychology of Massey University in New Zealand, this is a "peer reviewed electronic journal [featuring] original research, reviews and commentary [on] disaster and trauma mitigation and prevention, response, support, recovery, treatment, policy formulation and planning and their implications at the individual, group, organizational and community level." Full text is freely available for all articles published in period of 1997-2000. (07-28-00)
The Behavior Analyst Today,
Behavioral & Brain Sciences, Contact: support(at)  An international, interdisciplinary refereed journal that publishes important and controversial interdisciplinary "target articles" in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, linguistics and philosophy. The only way to get to their fulltext articles is to do a keyword search of their database. (07-21-00)
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Target Articles,
Bio-Psy Webzine,  Contact:  Not available.  A magazine dealing with issues related to the interaction of biology and psychology and health. (03-13-01)
Borderlands, Contact: mail(at)  Far out site that borders on psychology. (11-11-10)
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry On-Line,  Contact: 100424.2525(at)  Although not really a journal in the true meaning of the word, this site represents a collection of fulltext articles published by practicing psychiatrists. (07-21-00)
The Child Survivor of Traumatic Stress,    Contact: Kenneth.Fletcher(at) (11-19-01)  This site provides information on research on PTSD in children and on treatment of PTSD. It links to other web sites on related topics.
Cogprints: Cognitive Science Eprint Archive,  Contact: admin(at)
CogSci Research Papers From Sussex,  Contact:  webmaster(at)
Complexity International, Contact:  ci-manager(at)  A refereed journal on complex systems. Some topics are: artificial life, chaos theory, control theory, evolutionary programming, neural nets.   (03-13-01)
Current Directions in Psychological Science, (1999-) Contact:  cbaham(at)  Full text of all articles for the period 1998-2000 is available free of charge. However, you do need a user name and a password:  User name: bidiaps  Password: mbraps2000  To view and/or print the full text of any article, you have to click on "Deliver Document," then download  the article and then open it from its saving location. (07-21-00)
Current Research in Social Psychology,  (1995-) Contact:  barry-markovsky(at)  A peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology. Publication is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa. All articles are fulltext. (07-21-00)
Developmental Psychology,        (1998-)  Contact: journals(at)  A subscription journal that provides a few full text articles on its home page. The selected full text articles are always from the latest issue of the journal.  (07-21-00)
Dynamical Psychology: An International, Interdisciplinary Journal of Complex Mental Processes, Contact: ben(at)  A refereed journal with complete articles since 1994. (03-13-01)
Early Childhood News  This web site contains fulltext articles for professionals who work with young children, from birth to six. Topics include child development, health and safety, curricula, guidance, art and music, nutrition, play, self-esteem, and professional development among others. (07-25-00)
Educational Policy Analysis Archives,  Contact:  glass(at)    A refereed journal of the American Education Research Association.(03-13-01)
Educational Psycology Central,   
The Electronic Journal of Communicative Psychoanalysis,   Contact: editor(at)    Complete text articles, peer-reviewed for scholarly style but not content.(03-13-01)
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality,  (1998-1999) Contact:  dhall(at)  This site contains peer reviewed research articles, dissertations and thesis on the subject of sexuality, general interest articles by qualified authors, and posters from faculty and student presentations. All are fulltext. (07-25-00)
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology,
The EMDR Practitioner,  Contact: Richard(at)  On-line refereed journal.(03-13-01)
Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research,  A refereed online journal. Contact: povel(at)
The Genetic Epistemologist: The Journal of the Jean Piaget Society,   (1995-) Contact:  webmaster(at)  The Genetic Epistemologist is published quarterly as the newsletter of the Jean Piaget Society. It mostly contains announcements for happenings of the Society but there also are some online fulltext articles. (07-25-00)
German Journal of Psychiatry,  (1998-) Contact: not available This e-journal contains fulltext articles covering all fields of psychiatry. (07-25-00)
Gestalt! Contact  philbrownell(at) A refereed electronic journal on Gestalt Therapy.(03-13-01)
The Harvard Brain,   (1994-96, 1999-) Contact: husn(at)  Contains fulltext articles on neuropsychology.   (07-25-00)
HR Magazine Online, (1995-) Contact: hrmag(at) Official magazine of the Society for Human Resources Management. You can get access to full-text articles from the current issue, or you can access articles from previous issues (arranged by topic, not by year!).  (07-25-00)
The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Contact: David Tuckett  The journal archives are available for downloading.   (04-26-01)
International Journal of Psychopathology, Psychopharmacology, and Psychotherapy,   Contact: psydoc(at)  The IJPPP is a peer-reviewed electronic journal publishing articles in the areas of psychopathology and psychopharmacology. The articles discuss psychotherapeutic techniques for preventing, eliminating, or reducing the suffering that results from psychopathology. The articles are fulltext but are dated in 1996! (07-25-00)
The Internet Journal of Ophthalmology and Visual Science,  Contact:  wfmarch(at)    A refereed e-journal.(03-13-01)
Internet Mental Health Magazine,  (1995-) Contract: bchow(at)  Published by a Canadian psychiatrist, Internet Mental Health offers full-text articles on disorders and medications. (07-25-00)
Interpersonal Computing & Technology Journal, 
Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies,  (1998-1999) Contact:  webmaster(at)  Fulltext articles on a variety of topics, such as meditation, rhetoric, psychology, dreams, etc. (07-25-00)
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association,  (1994-) Contact:  ArnieDR(at)    This e-journal publishes abstracts only. Even more so, most of the abstracts come from articles about the Association itself, rather than from research articles. (07-25-00)
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,  (1995-)  Contact: victor_laties(at)  This is a psychology e-journal that publishes experimental research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance. Selected articles are available in full-text. (07-25-00)
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research,    (1993-) Contact: jair-ed(at)  The articles in this e-journal encompass all areas of Artificial Intelligence, including automated reasoning, cognitive modeling, knowledge representation, learning, natural language, neural networks, perception, and robotics. Unfortunately, they are absract-only.  (07-25-00)
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Stimulation,  (1998-) Contact: JASSS(at)  An interdisciplinary journal which articles explore social processes by means of computer stimulation. Free access to fulltext of all articles is provided.  (07-26-00)
Journal of Clinical Psychoanalysis,  (1992-1997) Contact: brill(at)  This "journal" publishes only proceedings (actually, just the agenda for different meetings) of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. The only full-text paper that you can get from this site, represents a discussion of the Mind, the Id, and the Ego... For lovers of Freud.
The Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology,  Contact: CHONTS(at)
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior   (1995-)  Contact:  victor_laties(at)  This peer-reviewed journal publishes experimental research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance. Requires subscription, but free access to selected fulltext articles is provided. You could also search the abstracts of all articles.  (07-26-00)
Journal of Expressive Therapy,  (1999)  Contact:  admin(at)  This is the on-line journal of The National Expressive Therapy Association, although "journal" is an overstatement, since the publication contains only two article of suspicious quality so far. (07-25-00)
The Journal of Human Sexuality,  (articles not dated) Contact:  lewisstanley(at)   Although not big, this is a very interesting collection of full-text free-access articles on topics such as homosexuality, Gender Indetity Disorder and the like. (07-26-00)
The Journal of Mind and Behavior,      (1980-1999)  Contact: Lisa_Best(at)  JMB explores of the interrelationships between mind and behavior--how they interact and causally relate to each other. Only abstracts are provided; there is a search engine to help search through the abstracts. (07-26-00)
Journal of Neuropsychiatry Online,  (1989-) Contact: neuropsych-feedback(at)  The Journal of Neuropsychiatry presents original research and clinical reports related to the assessment and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as the basic neurosciences underlying psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders. However, you must subscribed to get to the fulltext articles, otherwise you can only get the abstracts.  (07-26-00)
Journal of Online Behavior,  Contact:  JOBEditor(at) A peer-reviewed online journal.(03-13-01)
Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences,   (1966-1969, 1989-) Contact: robinc(at)  PBS is an annual periodical published by the Psychology Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey. Articles in ANY topical area of psychology written by undergraduate and graduate FDU students are published. So far abstracts only are available, but the web master promises that fulltext is coming soon! (07-25-00)
Journal of Rural Community Psychology,   (1980-1989, 1993, 1999) Contact: jrcp(at)  JRCP is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal in electronic form, devoted to sociological, psychological and mental health issues in rural and small community settings. Fulltext articles are freely available, however, the majority of the articles are from a decade ago. (07-26-00)
Journal of Statistics Education,  Contact:  journals(at)    It is a refereed on-line journal concerning teaching statistics. (03-13-01)
Journal of Virtual Environments,  Contact Not Available. (03-13-01)
Man, Neuron, Model: Email Communications in Psychophysiology,  Contact Not Available. Complete online journal.(03-13-01)
MPR-online, Contact:  Nicola.Doering(at)  MPR stands for methods of psychological research. It is a peer-reviewed online journal with an online discussion of the articles. (03-13-01)
National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism,        
Neuroscience Net,  (dates of publication not available) Contact:  jej(at)  A multidisciplinary e-journal, providing free access to fulltext articles conveniently organized in categories, such as Anatomy, Theoretical Neuroscience, Psychology, etc. (07-26-00)
Noetica,  (1997-1998) Contact: noetica(at)  This e-journal publishes articles from the multi-disciplinary field of Cognitive Science, including Computer Science Linguistics Mathematics,     Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology. Some fulltext is freely available.  (07-26-00)
OERI Bulletin,  Contact:  webmaster(at)  The online version (complete) of the bulletin put out by the Office of Educational Research Initiative of the Department of Education.(03-13-01)
Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Archive at Washington University in St.Louis,
Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (PARE) Contact:  pare3(at)   A peer reviewed online journal. (03-14-01)
Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy,    Contact:  The journal of the Phillips Graduate Institute. (03-13-01)
Proprium,   The aim of this internet journal is the stimulating of self-discovery in young adult.  It has articles in many formats.
PSI - Revista de Psicologia Social e Institucional,  Contact Not Available.  A full e-journal in Portuguese with english abstracts. (03-13-01)
Psicologica,  Contact Not Available. {Starting with the third issue, this journal is available in full text form on line. Most articles are in Spanish but they accept articles in many languages.} (03-13-01)
Psyche: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness,  (1994-1998) Contact: patrickw(at)  A refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain. Fulltext articles are freely available. (07-26-00)
Psychiatric News,   (1996-) This is an online news bulletin of the American Psychiatric Association. Although the articles are fulltext, most of them discuss APA matters. Still, there are some research articles that can be of interest to the psychology student or scholar. (07-26-00)
Psychiatric Services,  (1995-) Contact: ps-feedback(at)  This e-journal, published monthly by the American Psychiatric Association, discusses mental illnesses and mental disabilities.  Unfortunately, without subscription, you can only get the abstracts of these articles. (07-26-00)
Psychiatry Online,  (1994-)  Contact:  solutions(at)   Psychiatry Online publishes full-text, free-access articles on a broad spectrum of issues within psychiatry, such as therapies, medications, practitioners, etc. (07-26-00)
Psycholoquy,   (1992-) Contact: harnad(at)  
Psychology in Spain,  Subscription for the online version is free.  Issues of Psychology in Spain looks for balance among the different professional and scientific fields in Spanish Psychology, in an effort to offer a wide range of the best work, thought and research being produced in each field. (05-25-00)
Psychosomatics,  (1965-) Contact: psy-feedback(at)  Contains the full content of each issue of the journal. However, access to fulltext is possible only by paying the subscription fee. Still, all articles from 1989 forward have free-to-access abstracts. (07-27-00)
Psychotherapie - Zeitschrift für Moderne Psychotherapie & Gesellschaft,  Contact: redaktion(at) In German, and online magazine for practitioners of psychotherap. (03-13-01),  Contact:  An online magazine with interviews, articles, videos, etc. (03-13-01)
Radical Pedegology,  Contact Not Available.  This is a refereed e-journal. (03-13-01)
Rutgers Centre for Cognitive Science: Publications,
Self-Help and Psychology Magazine,  (1994-)      Numerous articles are provided on a wide range of topics, such as child-rearing, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, and more. (07-27-00)
Self Help in Psychology Magazine, Contact:  webmaster(at)  (11-11-01)
Teaching Educational Psychology,
Theory and Psychology,       
Theory and Review in Psychology,  Contact Not Available.  A listing of electronic journals for psychology along with subscription information for Theory and Review. (07-28-00)
Theory and Review in Psychology,  Contact Not Available.  This is a refereed e-journal. (03-13-01)
TIP: The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist,  Contact: lnader(at)  The official newsletter of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) (03-13-01)
Traumatology,  Contact: cfigley(at)  A complete refereed e-journal. (03-13-01)
TRN Newsletter,  Contact: Cornelia_Berens(at)  This is a full online articles with free registration. (03-13-01)
Western Criminology Review,  Contact Not Available.  It is a forum for the publication and discussion of theory, research, policy and practice in the rapidly changing and interdisciplinary fields of criminology and criminal justice. (03-13-01)

Links to Psychology Journals,
 USA   Has a search capability for find specific journal articles. Contact:  Armin.Guenther(at)WiSo.Uni-Augsburg.DE
Online Psychology Journals,
Psycline (Journals online)


Dead Link Archive
For the following Dead Links, use Internet Archive to find a version of these sites.  Highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at  and then paste the URL into the web address box.   Often icons are not available and the most recent listed version may not bring up the page.  Go to an earlier date on the archive list for that site.   If you find a dead link in the list above, feel free to use the Way Back Machine with it.
Annual Review of Psychology,  Moved to Ovid and Highbeam Subscription Databases.  Contact:  ajp-feedback(at) Table of contents and full text articles are currently available free of charge for every issue in the period 1996-2000. Table of contents only is available for every issue in the period of 1984-1995.  (07-21-00)
Interpersonal Computing & Technology Journal, (1993-1999) Contact: mauri(at)  A scholarly, peer-reviewed quarterly, focusing on computer-mediated communication and the pedagogical issues surrounding the use of computers and technology in educational settings. Full text of articles are online. (07-25-00)
PsychJournalSearch,  Contact: Armin.Guenther(at)  A great and very useful site, last updated in January 2000. It represents a searchable database which links to home pages of 1656  journals in psychology and related fields. You can limit your search to those offering full-text articles. (07-27-00)
Der Zeitgeist: The Student Journal of Psychology!,  Contact:  macaid(at)  This is an electronic journal devoted to publishing the work of psychology undergraduate and graduate students. The Journal is published annually on the World Wide Web. However, it only contains abstracts.  (07-21-00)
Brain and Mind,  Moved to subscription with Kluwer Academic Publishers (1997-)  Contact:  brain(at)  Here you can find articles on the physiology of the brain, as well as on how the brain is involved in the production of thought and language, how it is affected by drugs and alcohol, what is its role on epilepsy and narcolepsy, and much more. All articles are fulltext and include good illustrations and graphics.  (07-28-00)
The Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation, (1996-) Contact: obracy(at)  This e-journal features articles on the topic of brain injury and rehabilitation. Articles are submitted by  rehabilitation centers, university professors, therapists, and even patients, thus providing a variety of view points. However, you must subscribe to get access to the articles. Still, there are some freebies in every category! (07-25-00)
Online Psychology Journals,  Contact: guenther(at)
Fuzzione Gamma Journal,   In English and Italian, a refereed web journal on group psychoanalytic topics. Contact:  stagnitta(at)
CogSci Research Papers From Sussex,  Contact:  webmaster(at)
Connexions: Electronic Journal,  Contact: tomsimpson(at)  Provides articles of current research in the area cognitive science.  (11-11-01)
Educational Psychology Review,  Contact:  ~msalinas(at)   An online journal of educational psychology based upon ongoing graduate student projects at the University of Texas.    (03-13-01) Has moved to a fee based journal with Springer .
Psychological Journals and Newsletters,
,  (1992-) Contact: harnad(at)   Peer-reviewed online journal published by the American Psychological Association. It publishes brief reports of new ideas and findings on which the author wishes to solicit rapid peer feedback, international and interdisciplinary, in all areas of psychology and its related fields (biobehavioral science, cognitive science, neuroscience, social science, etc.). All articles are fulltext. (07-27-00)
 Psych-E: An Electronic Pyschology Journal,
Psych-E, Contact: mclump9(at)  An online refereed journal of undergraduate research and theory. Sponsored by Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. (03-13-01)
Psychological Online Documents,  Contact:  vollmann(at)  (01-12-01)
Psychology Online Journal,  Contact: jrdunn(at)  A collection of interviews with psychologists on a variety of topics. (03-13-01)
Psycholoquy: Full Text Archives,
Psychological Science,   Moved to Blackwell Publishing (1998-) Contact: cbaham(at) Full text of all articles for the period 1998-2000 is available free of charge. However, to obtain full text you need to use the following username and password: username:  bidiaps   password:  mbraps2000  To view and/or print the full text of any article, you have to click on "Deliver Document," then download  the article and then open it from its saving location. (07-21-00)
Psychology Listings,  Contact: admin(at)  This site provides access to full text articles from various journals arranged in topics, such as Social Psych, Cognitive Psych, etc.  All articles are free-access full-text.  (07-27-00)

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