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All Are Welcome at Vegsource,  Contact: webwizard(at)
American Dietetic Association,   Has a MEGA-List of dietation related web sites to include organizations. (10-24-99)
Ask the Dietitian, (11-2-99)
Berkeley Nutrition Services,
Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition,   
The Best Recipe Site On the Web,
Betty Crocker Cooking,
Biotechnology of Food,
Blonz Guide: Nutrition, Food & Health Resources,
The Cancer Nutrition Center - Handbook,
CDC's Nutrition and Physical Activity-Publications, ccdinfo(at) (05-12-00)
Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion,
Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC),   Contact: 1-877-999-2433 (05-12-00)
Cooking and Recipes,    (8-19-99)
Cook's Thesaurus,  Presents the Cook's Thesaurus, which provides substitutions for various cooking ingredients.  Contact: alden(at)   (11-08-01)
OR The Cook's Thesaurus, (11-08-01)
Council for Responsible Nutrition,  (11-2-99), http://www.cyberdiet.comContact:eatright(at)
Culinary Institute of America,  Contact:  c_crawfo(at) (01-27-02)
Culinary Schools for Culinary Education, Contact: yuvraj(at)
Dairy Nutrition by Agri-Nutrition Consulting, 
Delicious Decisions,
Diana's Gourmet Corner,  Contact:  infogb(at)  Great source of international recipes.  (04-24-01)
Diet Plans for Life,   Contact:  Info(at)
Dietary Guidelines for America, (02-28-00)
Dietation Central,   Contact: webmaster(at)
Dietetics Online, (11-2-99), Contact: 1-800-265-6170 (05-12-00)
Eatethnic: Global Food, Nutrition, and Cooking
Epicurious Recipes,
Family and Consumer Sciences,            
Fitness Matters, 
Food and Nutrition,
Food and Nutrition Library,
Food Industry (Patricia B. Mitchell Foodways Publications)  Contact:  answers(at)
Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services (FNS) webmaster(at) (05-12-00)
Food Resource - Oregon State University,   
Food Safety and Inspection Service, Contact: fsis.webmaster(at)  (11-29-01
From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics?
FSIS Food Safety Publications for Consumers, Contact: 1-800-535-4555 or 1-800-256-7072 (TDD/TTY) (05-12-00)
Glycemic Index, 
Gourmet Spot,
Government Food Safety Information, (05-11-00)  Contact:feedback(at) (05-12-00)
How to Outsmart Dangerous E. Coli Strain, (05-12-00)
International Bibliographic Information On Dietary Supplements,  Link is active.  Copy and paste it in your browser.
International Food Information Council Foundation,   
Internet Food Channel,
iVillage Diet & Fitness,  Contact:  cellis(at)
Kids Food Cyber Club,  Contact: info(at), (11-2-99)
Language of the Food Industry Searchable Glossary,    
Links and Review for Sports and Nutrition,      
Meals for You,
Measure 4 Measure,      
My Food Dairy Resources,
My Virtual Encyclopedia, Health and Nutrition,
Natural Hypothyroidism Diet,  Contact:  avelina(at)  
Nutrient Database (USDA)
Nutrition Analysis Tool v 1.1,  (09-30-01)
Nutrition Analysis Tool v2.0, (09-30-01)
Nutrition: Arbor Nutrition Guide,
Nutrition Center,   Contact: jimmartindale(at)
Nutrition Center - HealthWorld Online,  Contact:info(at)
Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles, (11-2-99)
Nutrition Information Sites,  Contact:  bettycjung(at)     
Nutrition Jobs, stacey(at) (05-12-00)
Nutrition for Kids,,
Nutrition Screening Initiative,
The Nutrition Source, cmanoussel(at) (05-12-00)
Nutrition Tips for Women, Infants, and Children, (11-2-99)
Nutrition Tools and Calculators,  Contact: mary(at)               
Nutrition Tools and Lists,   
Online Recipe Sites,    An extensive collection of recipe and recipe related websites.
Over 20,000 Recipes That Are "Yum Yum"
Program Against Micronutrient Malnutrition (PAMM)
Recipe Archives,  Contact:  rielle(at) (01-08-01)
Sports Nutrition - Nutrition - Net Links,
Sports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection,
Vegetable MD,
Vegetarian Resource Group,   Contact: vrg(at)  (06-21-00)
Veggies Unite,
Winning Bake-off Recipes for 2000,
Woolworths: Search For a Food Additive, (11-2-99)
WordsL Cookbook,  (11-13-01)

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Dead Link Archive
For Dead Links, try the Internet Archive to find a version of these sites.  Highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at  and then paste the URL into the web address box.  Often icons are not available and the most recent listed version may not bring up the page.  Go to an earlier date on the archive list for that site.

American Body Building Sports Nutrition,
Art of Harvesting Insect: Resourceful African Childhood, (11-2-99)
Ask the Mayo Clinic Dietition,  (9-13-99)
3CARBHYD: Carbohydrate Information: WWW Links to Information Related to Carbohydrates,   Contact: pedro(at) or nf9501(at) (05-12-00),  Contact: feedback(at) (05-12-00)
Children's Nutrition, (11-2-99)
Demographic and Health Surveys Program (MEASURE DHS+) or
Food Online Website Search,
Healthy Eating: Make Yours Easy, Convenient and Delicious,  Contact:webmaster(at) (05-12-00)
Henderson County Family and Consumer Education News Articles, (11-2-99)
Language of the Food Industry Searchable Glossary,
The Longevity Game, (11-2-99)
Mayo Clinic: Diet and Nutrition Resource Center,
National Association of General Clinical Research Centers Program (GCRCP) Research Dietitians. Contact: brinkley(at) (05-12-00)
Natural Food Merchandiser,
Nutrasweet's Dangers,
Nutrasweet Toxicity Center,
Nutrition Expedition: Nutrition and Health, (11-2-99)
Nutrition Information and Your Health,   Contact:polin(at) (05-12-00)
Nutrition Information Sites,
Nutrition in Sport,
Nutrition Works,
Nutritiongate,  Free access provided by entering username and password.  Contact: cabweb(at)  (07-12-00)
Recipes Search,
SIRO Human Nutrition, (11-2-99)
Skurray's Food, Nutrition & Health Information Page,
Solar Cooking,
Spanish Nutrition,
Traditional Scottish Food, (05-12-00)
Where on the Web is the Sports Nutrition Information,
Women's Sports, Health and Fitness,
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator,
Dangerous/Safe Herbs,
Search for a Food Additive (Woolworths)
Sports Nutrition in the Nineties,
International Bibliographic Information On Dietary Supplements,  
Fast Food Facts,  (10-20-99), 
Home Economics Resources Online,    

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