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The Absolute Sound, http://www.theabsolutesound.com/    Contact:  feedback(at)theabsolutesound.com  (7-19-99)
ACM: Australian Christian Music, http://www.acmusic.nu/ (04/06/00)
The Aether Sanctum, http://www.goth.org.au/ australian.gothic.culture.web 'zine which features music interviews, reviews,   poetry, fiction, links to goth resources, and more.  Contact: aether(at)documents.com.au
Band World Magazine, http://bandworld.jeffnet.org/
Concert Band Literature, http://www.und.nodak.edu/instruct/knorman/521/bandlit.html
Critical Musicology Journal, http://www.leeds.ac.uk/music/Info/CMJ/cmj.html  It is published from the Department of  Music at the University of Leeds, is a fully refereed critical musicology journal appearing exclusively on the Internet.   Its purpose is to provide an ever-expanding library of texts (ranging from papers to books) which address the wide number of issues that have become part of the field of critical musicology.   (7-19-99)
DOS Orchestra, (1996-) http://www.icsom.org/dos/dosindex1.html   Publiished by the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians.
Electronic Musicological Review, (1996-) http://www.rem.ufpr.br/    Contact:  rem(at)cce.ufpr.br  It is a quarterly Brazilian trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English) publication  with articles and reviews on historical musicology, ethnomusicology, theory and analysis, performance practice and composition. (7-19-99)
Essays in Sound, (1992-) http://www.sysx.org/soundsite/csa/eis2content/   It is an educational and research  publication.  Contact: csa(at)sysx.apana.org.au     (7-27-99)
Ethnomusicology OnLine, (1995-) http://research.umbc.edu/eol/eol.html  EOL is a peer-reviewed multimedia Web journal Contact: signell(at)umbc.edu   (7-19-99)
Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, http://www.fingerstyleguitar.com/
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online, http://www.flatpick.com/
Guitar One Magazine, http://www.guitaronemag.com/
Guitar Player Magazine, http://www.guitarplayer.com/
International Journal of Community Music, http://www.nyu.edu/education/music/meducation/ijcm/
Issues in the Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Teachers: The Journal, http://www.k-12prep.math.ttu.edu/journal/journal.shtml
Journal of African Music and Popular Culture, http://ntama.uni-mainz.de/   (02-12-00)
Journal of Seventeenth Century Music, (1995-)  http://sscm-jscm.press.uiuc.edu/  Contact:  ksyr(at)uhura.cc.rochester.edu  (7-19-99)
The Mudcat Cafe, http://www.mudcat.org/      It is an e-magazine dedicated to blues and folk music that provides the capability to search for words and phrases.  Contact:  mudcat(at)deltablues.com   (7-19-99)
Mudlark:  An Electronic Journal of Poetry and Poetics, (1995-) http://www.unf.edu/mudlark/ Contact:  mudlark(at)unf.edu   (7-19-99)
Music & Anthropology, (1996-) http://www.muspe.unibo.it/   Music & Anthropology (M&A)  is an online multimedia  interactive journal, founded by the Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" of the International Council for Traditional Music, Contact: magrini(at)muspe1.cirfid.unibo.it  (04-06-00)
Music & Vision, http://www.mvdaily.com/
Electronic Musicological Review, http://www.humanas.ufpr.br/rem
Online Trombone Journal, (1997-) http://www.trombone.org/   It is dedicated to the advancement of trombone performance and pedagogy through education, communication, and creativity.   Contact: letters(at)trombone.org (7-19-99)
Other Minds, (1996-) http://www.otherminds.org/    It is based in San Francisco and is dedicated to new and unusual music in all its forms. Contact: otherminds(at)otherminds.org  (7-19-99)
Piano Pedagogy Forum,  http://www.music.sc.edu/ea/Keyboard/PPF/index.html
Polish Music Journal, (1998-) http://www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/PMJ/    Online musicology journal dedicated to the study of Polish music. Contact: polmusic(at)usc.edu   (7-20-99)
Research and Issues in Music Education, http://www.stthomas.edu/rimeonline/
Roots World, http://www.rootsworld.com/rw/  (02-28-00)
School Band and Orchestra Magazine, http://www.sbomagazine.com/
South African Journal of Musicology, http://www.und.ac.za/und/samus/   (02-12-00)
UCSC Music Technology Background Essays,   http://arts.ucsc.edu/EMS/Music/tech_background/tech_background.html


Chinese Music. (1993-) http://chinesemusic.net/cmhome.htm  Offers information on "Chinese Music (ISSN 0192-3749),"an international refereed journal published quarterly by the Chinese Music Society of North America in Woodridge,  Illinois. the journal covers all phases of research and performance activities in Chinese music. Includes subscription information and  tables of contents for past journals.  (7-19-99)
Current Musicologyhttp://roar.music.columbia.edu/~curmus/   It is a leading forum for scholarly music research, seeking to reflect the forefront of thought in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory, as well as music cognition, philosophy of music, and interdisciplinary studies.   Contact:  current-musicology(at)columbia.edu (7-20-99)
Early Music, (1996-)  http://www3.oup.co.uk/earlyj/  Offers information on "Early Music," a journal published quarterly by Oxford University Press. Provides access to the tables of contents for previous issues. Includes subscription information and outlines submission requirements for prospective authors.  (7-19-99)
Early Music America, http://www.earlymusic.org/Content/Publications/EMAg.htm   Contact:  info(at)earlymusic.org 
Echo, http://www.humnet.ucla.edu/echo/Volume1-Issue1/table-of-contents.html  (02-12-00)
Indiana Theory Review, (1981-) http://theory.music.indiana.edu/gta/itr.htm  It is a non-profit publication of the Graduate  Theory Association of the Indiana University School of Music. It is compiled and produced entirely by graduate students in music theory at Indiana University. The Indiana Theory Review is published twice yearly with the support of the chair and faculty of the Theory Department and the Dean of the School of Music.  Contact:  wtilghma(at)indiana.edu    (04-10-00)
Journal of Music Theory, (1982-) http://www.yale.edu/jmt/  Contact:   jmt.music(at)yale.edu    (7-19-99)
Journal of New Music Research (JNMR) http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~content=t713817838   Presents the Electronic Appendix (EA) of  the "Journal of New Music Research (JNMR)." Offers access to sound examples mentioned in "JNMR" articles.  Provides access to abstracts and multimedia documents for the "Journal."   (7-19-99)
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Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals,
 http://www.music.indiana.edu/music_resources/journals.html Contact:  resource(at)www.music.indiana.edu You will find both free access journals and journal  homepages with only tables of content and/or abstracts (02-13-00)
Hardin M.D. Journal List, http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/ej.html

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Dead Link Archive
For the following Dead Links, use Internet Archive to find a version of these sites.  Highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at http://www.archive.org/index.html   and then paste the URL into the web address box.   Often icons are not available and the most recent listed version may not bring up the page.  Go to an earlier date on the archive list for that site.   If you find a dead link in the list above, feel free to use the Way Back Machine with it.

Addicted to noise,  http://surf.to/atn http://www.addicted.com.au/auscgi/boac/aus/main99/frontpage.boa   "Online music magazine featuring  interviews, music news, reviews and live cybercasts."
Australian Music Charts, http://www.cs.monash.edu.au/~jamies/charts/ (1989-)    Contact:  jamies(at)cs.monash.edu.au  http://users.bigpond.net.au/auscharts/
Chester, http://www.darkshadow.com.au/chester/   US mirror at: http://www.darkshadow.com/chester/  Contact: editor(at)chester.org.au (04-06-00)
Computer Music Journal, (1995-)  Moved to Project MUSE datadbase  http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-journals/Computer-Music-Journal/  CMJ is a quarterly Journal that covers a wide range of topics related to digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music.  Requires a  subscription, but the site provides selected full text articles.  There are links to other resources on the page.  Contact: cmj(at)create.ucsb.edu
Continuo Magazine for Early Music Online, (1997-) http://www.continuo.com/magazine/magazines.htm Contact: john(at)continuo.com   (7-19-99)
Czech and Slovak Music Society, (1997-) http://artsci.wustl.edu/~jamabary/csmsnew1.html Contact:  jamabary(at)artsci.wustl.edu  (7-27-99)
Item. Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology,  (02-12-00)
NewMus MusicNet, http://www.artswire.org/Artswire/NewMusNet/nmmn.htm   It  is an on-line journal of new and experimental music published under the auspices of the NewMusNet conference of Arts Wire.   It is published  in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format with links to RealAudio™ sound files.  Contact:  douglas(at)artswire.org  (7-20-99)
Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, http://www.ethnomusic.ucla.edu/ethnomusicology/Publications/PREhome.html
Research Perspectives in Music Education, http://www.arts.usf.edu/music/rpme.html  It is published for music educators in Florida. The Research Bulletin is distributed to all members of the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) once a year as a supplement in a Fall issue of the Florida Music Director, the official magazine of FMEA.  Contact:   ann(at)adairmedia.com   (7-19-99)
Music Theory Spectrum,   http://www-ucpress.berkeley.edu/journals/mts/  It is the official print journal of the Society for Music Theory.  It features articles and book reviews on all topics that intersect with music theory and analysis, such as aesthetics, the history of theory, linear analysis, atonal theory, and narratology.  (7-19-99)
Perspectives of New Music. (1978-)  http://weber.u.washington.edu/~pnm/pnm.html   Features information on    "Perspectives of New Music," a journal published by the University of Washington Music Department that is designed for composers, performers, scholars, and others interested in contemporary music. Includes interviews, analyses, technical reports, position papers by composers, sociological and philosophical articles, reviews, and short musical scores and text-music compositions.  Provides a list of selected tables of contents.    (7-19-99)
Canadian Music Periodical Index, http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/wapp/cmpi/index_e.htm
Amazing Sounds, (1996) http://www.amazings.com/ingles.html   This is an e-zine devoted to electronic music, Ambient, New  Instrumental Music, World Music, Electroacoustic, New Age, and other alternative genres. Includes brief  biographical articles on artists, reviews, articles or interviews (features), small notes, and links to other information  sources in internet, as well as record labels and other firms related to these kinds of musics, together with lists of printed fanzines, radio and TV programmes, and fan clubs.   English and Spanish. Contact: amazings(at)amazings.com   (7-20-99)
Australian Institute of Eastern Music Newsletter, http://www.ozemail.com.au/~dukewalk/newsl.htm    Contact: duekwalk(at)ozemail.com.au
Echo, http://www.humnet.ucla.edu/echo/splashflash.html   A peer reviewed student music journal. Contact:  echojour(at)humnet.ucla.edu    (10-25-00)
Ethnomusicology Research Digest, http://www.inform.umd.edu/EdRes/ReadingRoom/Newsletters/EthnoMusicology/  (1990-)  Contact: kschwei(at)wam.umd.edu   (7-19-99)
Gearhe@dEzine / 1-800-Instruments, http://www.1800instruments.com/gearhead.htm
Music Theory Online, (1993-) http://smt.ucsb.edu/mto/mtohome.html or http://boethius.music.ucsb.edu/mto/mtohome.html Music Theory Online (MTO) is the electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory.  Contact:  mto-editor(at)smt.ucsb.edu   (7-19-00)
Philomusica, http://philomusica.unipv.it/  Contact: daniele.filippi(at)fastwebnet.it     A peer reviewed journal for historical musicology - music analysis - ethnomusicology - musical iconography - Italian literature. 
Transcultural Music Review, (1995-) http://www2.uji.es/trans/   It explores all kinds of music from transcultural and  interdisciplinaray perspectives and is a forum for dialog and critical debate on the production of musical knowledge  in a time that presents new problems and demands new music representations.  Choose either English or  Spanish.  (7-20-99)
Computer Music Journal,  Moved to Project MUSE subscription database.   http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-journals/Computer-Music-Journal/CMJ.html  It is a quarterly Journal  that covers a wide range of topics related to digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music.  Selected articles are posted online for free access.   It is published (in hard copy and on-line) by MIT Press.  Contact: cmj(at)create.ucsb.edu    (7-19-99)

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