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Alabama Law Review,  Contact: 205-348-7191
Alaska Law Review,  Contact:   919-613-7105
Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology,
American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law,  
American University Law Review,  Contact:  (202)274-4433      
APB News,
Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal,
ASIL Insights, Contact: 202-939-6000
Bankruptcy Developments Journal, Contact:  404-727-6816
Berkeley Technology Law Journal Contact: aliciavaz(at)
Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal, Contact: 801-422-3671    
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, Contact:  cardozoaelj(at)  212-790-0292
Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin,  Contact:  pizzetti(at)
Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law,
Computer Law Review and Technology Journal,   Contact:  shannonj(at) (01-17-01)
Connecticut Public Interest Law  Journal,    
Cornell International Law Journal,  Contact: cilj(at)
Cornell Law Review,  Contact: lawrevieweic(at)  (01-17-01)
Cornell Law School Journal of Law and Public Policy,    Contact:  jrl37(at)
Computer Lawyer News,  Contact: fmann(at)
Denver Journal of International Policy,   
Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University Law Review,
Digital Technology Law Journal,   
Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum,
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy,
Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law,
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy,
Duke Law Journal,
Duke Law & Technology Review,
E Law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law,  Contact:    zariski(at)  (01-17-01)
East European Constitutional Review,      
Ecology Law Quarterly,
Electronic Journal of Comparative Law,      
Emory International Law Review, Contact: 404-727-6816
Emory Law Journal,
Entertainment and Sports Law,    
Environmental Law,
European Journal of Legal Studies,     
European Journal of International Law,  Contact:  webmaster(at)  (01-17-01)
Federal Communications Law Journal,   (1993-) Contact:  webmaster(at) (01-17-01)
Federal Courts Law Review,  
Findlaw Legal News,  Contact:  write(at) (01-17-01)
Florida Law Week,   
Florida State University Law Review,      
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review,  
Harvard Environmental Law Review,
Harvard Human Rights Journal,      
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology,  Contact:  wendy(at)  617-495-3606
Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy,   415-565-4600
High Technology Law Journal,   
Hofstra Law Review,  Contact: 516-463-5771 
Human Rights Brief,  Contact: 202-274-4023  
Human Rights Journal = Journal des Droits de L'Homme,
Humboldt Forum Recht,
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies,   Contact: 800-842-6796. 
Indiana Law Journal,  
Injustice Studies,
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum,  
International Journal of Baltic Law,     
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy,       
International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law,       
Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics,      
Italian Labour Law e-Journal,         
Journal Information Law and Technology,  Contact:  jilt(at)  (01-17-01)
The Journal of Academic Legal Studies,      
Journal of Cognitive Liberties,
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture,  Contact:  sunycrj(at)  (01-17-01)
Journal of Environmental Law,
Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation,       
Journal of Gender and the Law,    
Journal of Information, Law and Technology,   or
Journal of International Law and Policy,  
Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law,
Journal of Online Law,  Contact:  thardy(at)
Journal of Philosophy, Science and Law,     
Journal of Science & Technology Law,
Journal of Technology Law and Policy,  or  Contact:  techlaw(at)
Journal of Transnational Law and Policy,
Juris Publici,  
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy,   
Law and Contemporary Problems,
Law and Inequality : A Journal of Theory and Practice,       
The Law and Politics Book Review,   Contact:  pmm001(at)  (01-17-01) Pennsylvania,
Law, Environmental & Developemental Journal,       
Law Fuel News Network,     
Law Library Journal,
Law Library Resource Xchange,
Law News Network,
Law Practice Management,       
Law, Social Justice and Global Devement Journal,   
Lawyers Weekly,  Contact:  comments(at)  800-451-9998
Legal Intelligencer,        
Legal Online,       
Maori Law Review,  Contact 64-4-473 5755
Melbourne Journal of International Law,  
Mercer Law Review,
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review,  Contact: mttlr(at)  (01-17-01)
Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies,    
The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law,  Contact:  gaylaw(at)  (01-17-01)
New England International and Comparative Law Annual,   
New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement,    
New England Law Review,  
New York Law Journal,  
New York University Environmental Law Journal,      
New York University Law Review,
North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, 
Oklahoma Journal of Law and Technology,    
Public Law Research Institute Reports, 415.565.4639
Restitution Law Review, 
Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business,
Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest,     
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology,
Richmond Law Journal,    Contact: jolt(at)
Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal,
Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion,
Rutgers Law Journal,
Rutgers Law Record,
Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal,  Contact:  ogutierrez(at)
Scientific Testimony: An Online Journal,
Southern Illinois University Law Journal,   (800) 739-9187 or (618) 536-7711
Stanford Environmental Law Journal,    
Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance,
Stanford Law and Policy Review,
Stanford Technology Law Review,   Contact: stlr(at)
Stetson Law Review,  Contact:  618-453-8788
Tech Law Journal, Contact:  news(at) (01-17-01)
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal,  Contact: 512-232-1399    
Tribal Law Journal,
Touro International Law Review,  
Transportation Law Journal,       
Tulane Environmental Law Journal,    
UCLA Bulletin of Law and Technology,
Uniform Law Review = Revue de Droit Uniforme,
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law,
University of Pittsburgh Law Review,   
University of Richmond Law Review,  Contact:  lawreview(at)  (01-17-01)
Villanova Tax Law Compendium,    
Virginia Journal of Law and Technology,  Contact:  vjolt(at)  (01-17-01)
Washburn Law Journal,
Washington and Lee Race and Ethnic Ancestry Law Journal,  Contact: 306-966-5927
Washington University Law Quarterly, Current issue and selected earlier issues. Contact: quarter(at) 01-17-01
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues,    Contact: a.b.grant(at)  (01-17-01)
Western Criminology Review,   

Content Pages from Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals,
Electronic Law Journals,   
Law Reviews,  Contact:  write(at)  (01-17-01)
Legal Journals on the Web,

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<>Legal Journals on the Web, Contact: wnobunag(at) (07-20-01)
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Across Borders,
American Journal of International Law,
American University International Law Review,
Animal Law,
ARC Journal,
Cardozo Law Review,
Chicago-Kent Law Review,
Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy,
Diritto & Diritti,
Environmental Law Journal,
Environmental Lawyer,
Environmental Law Journal,
Florida State Law Review,
Israel law Review,
Journal of Forensic Economics,
Journal of International Law and Policy,
Contact:  thardy(at)
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy,
Land & Water Law Review, Now in Lexis-Nexis, fee based database Nebraska,    Contact:  statefeedback(at)  (01-17-01)
Legal Intelligencer,
Legal Online,
New York University Environmental Law Journal,
Pace Interactive Earth Law Journal,
Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal,  Moved to JSTOR fee based access
Russian Business Law Journal,     
Texas Ethics Journal,     
Touro Environmental Law Journal,
UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy,
University of Pittsburgh Law Review,
Villanova Environmental Law Journal,
Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal,  Contact: sports(at)  (06-26-01)   
The Washington & Lee Law Review,
Buffalo Environmental Law Journal, (716) 645-2052   
Electronic Journal of Comparitive Law,  Contact:  EJCL(at)  (01-17-01)
RISK: Health, Safety and Environment,  HTTP://WWW.PIERCELAW.EDU/risk/profRisk.HTM
University of Dayton Journal of Law & Technology,
West Virginia Journal of Law and Technology, Contact: webmaster(at)  E-mailed webmaster 7-20-01.


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