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Last Updated:  04-13-08
Give credit for your sources.   Use the Citation Machine to create the proper format for MLA or APA then copy and paste the result into your bibliography or footnotes.  Citation Machine, 

If you find a dead link below, highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at  and then paste the URL into the web address box to find original versions of the site.

Access Kansas, Contact: info(at)
Access Kansas Government,  
Andreas or Cutler's History Of Kansas,
Articles Of The Kansas Collection,   A terrific collection on primary resources.
Biking Across Kansas,   Contact:  bakone(at)
Bleeding Kansas,   Contact: lhnelson(at)
Blue Skyways of Kansas, or Contact: jeffh(at)  A great collection of online resources for Kansas.
Bluestem: Health for Kansans,   Contact:   bluestem(at)  (01-23-01)
Brown v. Kansas Board of Education,
Carrie: A Full Text Electronic Library,   
Carry A. Nation Collection,
A Collection of Digitized Kansas Maps,   Contact:  mary.nelson(at)        
Country Boys Carriage and Prairie Adventures,   Contact: cbcpa(at)
Cutler's History,   Contact:  lhnelson(at)  (12-21-01)
Dodge City Dodge Board,  Contact: webmaster(at) 
Emporia Habitat for Humanity,   Contact: lewarmstrong(at)
Faces on the Wall,   Contact: trevor(at) 
Heartland Alliance,  (College to College) 
Heros and Villians,  
Interactive Santa Fe Trail,   Contact: sftrail(at)  
Images of Kansas Cities and Towns,
Information Network of Kansas,   Contact: info(at)
K-Place,    Contact: shanroy(at)
KANAnswer,  Get live chat reponses from librarians in the state of Kansas, especially about history in Kansas..  Give it a try!
KanColl Graphics, Contact:  lhnelson(at)
KAN-ED,   Contact: kan-ed(at)
KanRoad Public Main Page,            
Kansas,  Contact: lhnelson(at)
Kansas: a Cyclopedia of State History,
Kansas Arts Commission,  Contact: 785/296-3335   
Kansas Association of Private Investigators,
Kansas Attorney General, Contact: ksattgen(at)
Kansas Attorney General's Website,
Kansas Auctions,   Contact: kansasauctions(at)
Kansas Authors Club, Contact: 620-662-0197  
Kansas Bar Association,  Contact: (785) 234-5696
Kansas Bass Chapter Federation,   
Kansas Bed and Breakfast Association, Contact: info(at)
Kansas Board of Regents, Contact: bwilliams(at)
Kansas Business Hall of Fame,  
Kansas Center for Health and Environmental Statistics, Contact: info(at)
The Kansas Collection,
Kansas Collection Books,   
Kansas Communities on the Web, Contact: howell(at)
Kansas Community Networks, Contact: glaughead(at)
Kansas Cooking,  
Kansas Counties, Contact: howell(at)
Kansas Courthouses,  
Kansas Democratic Party,
Kansas Department of Aging,  Contact: wwwmail(at)
Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing,   Contact: sbutler(at)
Kansas Department of Health and Environment,  Contact:  785-296-1500   
Kansas Department of Tranportation, Contact: webmaster(at)
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks,  Contact: (620) 672-5911   
Kansas Digital Library,
Kansas Eldercount, 2002,  Contact:  rnudo(at)   
Kansas Employment and Training,  Contact:  ajlhelp(at)  
Kansas Environmental Almanac,   Contact: chsjones(at)  
Kansas Fairs Association,  Contact: Admin(at)  
Kansas Farm Bureau,  Contact: parkerw(at)
Kansas FFA Association,  Contact:  mrkane(at)
Kansas Geneology Links,    Contact:  tcward(at)  (12-06-00)
Kansas GenWeb Project,  Contact:  kgthomas51(at)
Kansas Geographic Alliance,  Contact:  rlisiche(at)
Kansas Geological Survey, Contact: webadmin(at)
Kansas Grant Clearinghouse,   Contact: comments(at)  NEW!!
Kansas Heritage Center,     
Kansas Heritage Group,
Kansas Heritage Group,  Contact: kansasheritage(at)        
Kansas Heritage's Interactive Genealogy,
The Kansas Heritage Server Homepage, or   
Kansas Historical Quarterlies,  
Kansas History Gateway,        
Kansas History Online,
Kansas History Site, Contact: howell(at)
Kansas History Timeline,   
Kansas History Web Sites,      
Kansas Humanities Council, Contact: kshumcoun(at)
Kansas Information Online, Contact: govdocs(at)
Kansas Insurance Department,
Kansas Interactive Genealogy,
Kansas Job Bank,
Kansas Jobs,
Kansas Judicial Branch,
Kansas Legislators Past and Present,  Contact: ksdcos(at)INK.ORG
Kansas Leisure and Sport Review (LASR)
Kansas Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission,
Kansas Library Association Newsletter,   Contact:  anne.liebst(at)
Kansas Library Card,
Kansas Library Directory,
Kansas Links,
Kansas Maps:  Digitized,
Kansas Museums,
Kansas Mural Project,
Kansas Newspapers, Contact:  directory(at)
Kansas Newspapers on Microfilm (KSHS)
Kansas Newspapers Online,   
Kansas on the Net,  or    
Kansas on the Net,
Kansas on the Net--Kansas Links,
Kansas Pioneer List, (01-17-03)
Kansas Political District Info,
Kansas Press,
Kansas Republican Party,
Kansas Research and Education Network (KANREN) Contact: chambers(at)
Kansas Road Conditions,
Kansas Sampler, Contact: marci(at)
Kansas Secretary of State: Ron Thornburgh,
Kansas Security Commission,
Kansas Senate Bills for 2001,     Contact: glenlb(at)
Kansas Sights,
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, Contact: kshof(at)
The Kansas State Board of Education, Contact: pplamann(at)
Kansas State Data Center,     Contact:  cindyr(at) (02-15-02) Ask a question about the state of Kansas.  (01-29-03)
Kansas State Fair,
Kansas State Historical Society,   Contact: Webmaster(at)  6425 SW Sixth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615-1099; 785-272-8681 (11-05-00)
Kansas State Jobs,
Kansas Statutes (Unannotated)
Kansas Supreme Court/Kansas Court of Appeals Opinions,   Contact: zzwisn(at)
Kansas Tax Forms,      
Kansas Territory, Contact: dhb7u(at)
Kansas Tornado History,   
Kansas Travel & Tourism Travelbase,    Contact: sbutler(at)
Kansas Traveler, LLC,
Kansas Trivia: Facts and Fancy,
KAN-ED - Connecting Kansas, Contact:  jwitkin(at)
The Konza Prairie,   Contact:  blbrock(at)
KSGenWeb Project,   Contact: ibrary(at)  05-26-02
A Large Collection of Online Books About Kansas History,
Mount Sunflower,  
Natural Kansas,
Notable Kansans,  Contact:  webmaster(at)
Office of the Governor of Kansas, 
Old Kansas Area Maps,  
One Room School House Project,   Contact:  orsh(at)
Orphan Trains of Kansas, Contact:  zzdpnu(at)
Plains Folk Home Page,    Contact:  hoyjames(at)
Poems of Kansas,  Contact: howell(at)
Post Secondary Institutions in Kansas, Kanlin-L,   Contact: webmaster(at)
The Prairie Falcon,   Contact: audubon(at)
Prairie Spirit Rail Trail,    Contact: prairiespirit(at)
Racing in Kansas,
Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865,
Ride Into History,    
Sights in Kansas, 
Sod House Collection,
State Employment Registration Booklets,   Contact:  arweb(at)
State Library Catalog, Contact:
State Library New Books page,  Contact:  ritat(at)
State Library Video Collection, Contact:  cindyr(at)
State of Kansas Vacancies,   Contact: arweb(at)   
Tapping Officials' Secrets - Kansas, Contact: rcfp(at)
Teacher's Newsletter,
Topics in Kansas History,  Contact: 785-272-8681
Travel Kansas,   Contact: 1-800-2KANSAS
Vintage Images of Kansas,   
Vital Records of Kansas, Contact: feedback(at)
The Way It Was!  Contact: susancs(at)  
Where in Kansas is...   Contact: howell(at)
Where to Stay Along the Santa Fe Trail,  
Wichita Photo Archives,
William Connelley's A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans (1918)
Wings Over Kansas,

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Dead Link Archive
For the following Dead Links, use Internet Archive to find a version of these sites.  Highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at   and then paste the URL into the web address box.   Often icons are not available and the most recent version may not bring up the page.  Go to an earlier date on the archive list for that site.   If they are not in the Library Archive, check the Google Archive

300,000 Miles to Victory, U.S.S. Wichita,
Dodge City Cattle Trails & Tales,
Historical Kansas, Contact: Sftrail(at)  Extensive collection of online resources.
K - 12 Educators Jobs,   Contact: mfreund(at)
Kansas Facts, Contact: not available
Kansas Alliance for Arts Education,   Contact:
Digital History - Raising Kansas City, Contact: jdalton(at)
City Net - Kansas,  
Kansas Families for Kids,
Kansas Farmers Services Association,
Kansas Fruit Growers Association,
Kansas Governor: Bill Graves, Contact: governor(at)
Kansas Health Quest, Contact: psweb(at)
Kansas Mural Project,
Kansas State Weather,   Contact:  W-IWIN.Webmaster(at)
National Register of Historic Places (Kansas)
State Library Really Ready Reference,  Contact: cindyr(at)
The Southeast Kansas Library System Genealogy Collection Bibliography, (requires Adobe Acrobat) Contact: thomasr(at)
Flint Hills Gallery,  Contact:  jjandjj(at) 
UM Weather: Kansas Weather, and click on today's weather by a Kansas city, there will be a box to select historical statistics on the page with current forecast. Contact: not available (12-13-00)
Washburn University Center for Kansas Studies,   Contact:  zztuck(at)
Wyandot Nation of Kansas,
Kansas Small Business Development Centers,
Kansas Symbols, Contact:  ptull(at)
Kansas - Traveling in Kansas,
Lyon County One Room Schools,
On the Trail, Contact:  lhnelson(at)
Quotable Kansas, Contact:  webmaster(at)  (11-22-99)
State of Kansas Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Initiative's Data Access and Support Center (DASC) Contact:  ashultz(at)
Trails Technology Group,  Many links to Kansas information.  
The History of the United States from 1492 to 1920: Chapter 31, City of Sharon Springs,  
County Names,
History of Kansas,
Kansas 1998 Annual Summary of Vital Statistics,   Contact:  info(at)  (06-05-01)
Kansas Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books, Cintact: (785) 580-4511    
Kansas Congressional District Information,
Kansas Historical & Genealogical Societies,
Kansas Historical Trails, 
Kansas Job Links, Contact: crippel(at)
Kansas Legal Information,
Kansas Photo Tour,
Kansas Regional Radar,    Contact: not available (12-22-01)
Kansas Tax Info, Contact: faye_streeter(at)
Kansas Veterans in the Korean War,
Native Kansas Prairie,   Contact: chinn(at) (04-03-01)
Old West Kansas, Contact: steven.chinn(at)
Past  Kansas Government Officials,
A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans,
Territorial Newspapers from KCK Community College,
Toll Free Numbers, Contact: contact(at)
Kansas Elder Law Network,  Contact: webmom(at)

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